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2024 looking to be big year for “La Picosita”

By Louie Burke

Las Cruces native Amy Salinas’s ring name, La Picosita, means very hot, depicting her boxing style.  Her opponents should be warned, once their in the ring with La Picosita, they better be ready for a battle.  Her style is full steam from start to finish, with no let up! 

Recently Salinas signed a promotional deal with King promotions allowing her the opportunity to get the fights that will hopefully move her into world title contention. 

“I am excited to fight meaningful fights on a regular basis, and just not having to take last minute offers to fight someone in their backyard.” Stated Salinas

Salinas has never veered away from any opportunities, definitely not afraid of fighting any risky opponent.  

When beginning her professional career, in 2019, Salinas, made her debut beating 4-0 Leanna Martinez, at 123 ½  lbs,13 ½ lbs heavier than her last fight in El Paso, a win against rugged Ashley Sciscente, where “La Picosita”came in at a slim and ready 110 lbs. 

Taking on opponents at heavier weights and short notice has possibly produced a deceiving 6-4 record against some tough competition, including a tough loss for the North American Boxing Federation title at bantamweight, in March of ’23.   

Salinas feels comfortable at the flyweight division and plans to stay there for now, looking forward to her next fight scheduled on March 1, in El Paso, Tx.  Salina’s is very excited for what fights King Promotions has for her in 2024. 

In my years in boxing, Salinas has a legit shot at the flyweight title and we are looking forward to seeing her progress in the ranks under her new promoters. These are exciting times not only for team “La Picosita” but for her fans and followers as well.

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