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Bohachuk defeats game Mendoza

By Andy Rivera

Brian Mendoza was game as always , but it was Surhii Bohachuk night, as he defeated Mendoza with a unaniumous decision to capture the WBC Interm super welterweight championship.

Mendoza had his moments throughout the fight against Bohachuk, landing power punches that kept him in the fight early.

Bohachuk started to causes swelling on Mendoza's face under both eyes, as well as blood coming out of Mendoza's nose.

Mendoza looked to rely on his power and countering off the ropes, this was his mistake as Bohachuk took advantage landing hard jabs and right hands.

Round by round Bohachuk kept to his plan of pressure, jabbing and hard rights.

The rounds were piling up for Bohachuk and the swelling became more and more noticeable on Mendozas face.

Mendoza had a big moment in the 11th, when he landed a right uppercut that hurt Bohachuk in the final :30 of the round , but it was a little too late.

Both fighters had their moments jn the 12th, going toe to toe until the bell ended the fight.

Scores were 118-110, 117-111 twice all for Bohachuk.

Bohachuk is now 24-1, 23kos , while Mendoza falls to 22-4, 16 kos.

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