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Daniel Gonzalez “Just living in the moment”

Albuquerque’s Daniel Gonzalez will take his 5-1 record on the road tomorrow when he takes on unbeaten Fabian Rojo 8-0, in Glendale, AZ. Gonzalez vs Rojo will be on the undercard of the Juan Francisco Estrada/Bam Rodriquez card.

Gonzalez is ready to take on tougher tests each time out in his young career, he was slated to fight in Utah, last month against another unbeaten fighter, that fight fell through the day before fight night. Gonzalez went back to the gym and continued to train waiting for another opportunity.

“We stayed in the gym when the last fight fell through last minute, we knew this fight was a possiblilty verse Rojo, so it made sense to be right back at it in the gym.” Said Gonzalez.

The action packed Gonzalez, who’s style is to be right in front of his opponents chest with constant pressure, knows he will have to be on his game against Rojo.

“I know that he is a boxer, who has six ko’s, but the video I have seen on him, he is more of a points fighter, either way I just have be ready to adjusts.”

The 27 year old Gonzalez sees this fight as a chance

that can propell him to bigger fights, yet he also is relishing each day while he can in boxing.

“I have been blessed to be in this sport and I am just living in the moment. Enjoying what god has in store for me. I have a good team behind me and I hope to make them proud.” stated Gonzalez.

The father of two boys, 6 and 12, are also motivation for Gonzalez to excel and do well.

“I want to do good for my son’s and show them anything is possible. I think that god has truly put me in this fight at the right time and place. I look to make the best of this opportunity..”

The fight card will be part of DAZN broadcast Saturday and starts at 7:00pm.

Weigh ins today.

Gonzalez 146.2 Rojo 146.2

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