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Diaz hoping win over Perez will continue his quest to be world champion.

By Andy Rivera

When taking on Abraham Perez March 23rd, in Perez hometown of Albuquerque, NM. Fernando Diaz isn’t fazed by battling Perez in his backyard. Diaz is used to it having taken on many of his opponents in their hometown or country.

“I have fought all over and not at all fazed about fighting in Albuquerque, I have fought in Madison Square Garden and Mexico.” Said Diaz. “I’m used to fighting on the road.”

Diaz 13-4, with 4 ko’s, looks at Perez as a way to get to his ultimate goal of being a world champion, Diaz by no means is taking Perez as an easy opponent when the two step in the ring for the WBC Youth Flyweight title.

“He is a very smart fighter, very fast. He is one of the best I will have fought and it should be a great match-up.” Stated Diaz when speaking of Perez.

Diaz has been training and doing his roadwork by running in the mountains, knowing he will be fighting at a mile high in elevation, in preparation for Perez.

In Diaz last fight he got back on the winning track by defeating Oscar Arroyo, prior to beating Arroyo, Diaz lost a split decision to much hyped John “Scrappy’ Ramirez. All accounts who attended the fight felt it could have easily gone to Diaz. In fact Ramirez corner told him he was losing going into the final round.

Diaz began boxing at the age of 10, following in his father’s footsteps in pursuing boxing as his craft. Diaz only job is boxing and hopes a win over Perez will keep him working on his goal to be a world champion.

“I am not taking Abraham lightly, I know by watching him on film that he is always prepared and has tons of experience in the amateurs. If I want to reach my ultimate goal of world champion, I have to beat someone like him to get there.”

Perez vs Ramirez tickets can be purchased by calling 505-382-5126 or 505-877-5725.

Photo Courtesy of Fernando Diaz

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