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Fighter of the year nominees

Updated: Nov 11

So far here are the nominees for fighter of the year for 2023. Fans keeps in mind that if a fighters picture isn't posted, it "does not" mean they are not nominated.

Men's 2023 records

Brian Mendoza, 1-1 , won the wbc intern jr middlewighr crown

Abraham Perez- 3-0, won the IBA flyweight world title

Matthew Griego- 2-0, won the naba flyweight tirle

Guero Sanchez 3-0, captured wbc USA title

Jason Sanchez 1-1 , fighting in December

Angelo Leo- 1-0, won the wba intercontinental title

Womens 2023 records

Jordanne Garcia 0-2-1

Sharahya Moreu, 1-0

Stephanie Han, 3-0

Amy Salinas, 2-2

Kat Lindenmuth, 3-1

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