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Guero Sanchez “You take a risk to get to next level”

By Andy Rivera

In a world where fighters pad their records, rather than stepping it up to see if they can get to the next level. Albuquerque’s Jose Luis “Guero” Sanchez wants to take his chance to get there. His next step is this Saturday in Las Vegas, on the Zurdo Ramirez/Joe Smith Jr. undercard this Saturday.

Guero, 13-3-1 will take on unbeaten Eric Tudor in a 154lb fight. Sanchez, fighting the first fight on a three fight deal with Golden Boy when he takes on Tudor, 8-0, knows its taking chances that got him to this stage in his career.

”If I want to get to the next level we have to take a chance, it’s ok if someone loses, but we will never know if we have what it takes without fighting the best”. stated Sanchez. “Most will fight 8-10 fights and never fought anyone, you need to take risks.”

Sanchez did bring up his brother Jason as and example of taking a chance. Jason traveled to Panama in 2018 to fight the A Side, Jean Carlos Rivera (15-0 at the time). Jason shocked Rivera and captured the WBO youth featherweight title. The win gained Jason a Top Rank contract and a world title shot against Oscar Valdez, Jason came up short, but by him taking a chance it go him to that level.

Now, Guero wants to get his chance one day at title shot.

“My first fight with Golden Boy is at 154 and the next two at 147. It was part of the deal we made with Golden Boy. If I keep winning then I will be in line for a title shot soon.”

Guero and Tudor do have one common opponent, both fought and defeated Reggie Harris Jr, Guero and Tudor won by 8 round unanimous decisions. When asked if he has learned anything from watching Tudors win over Harris Jr. Guero feels his team may be able to capitalize on a few things.

“When I watched his fight with Tudor, I saw something’s I maybe able to do and help me in this fight, things that can give me the edge.“

If those things do help Guero, it can help him get to the next level, but without him taking a chance he will never have know.

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