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Han “I just want to fight”

Updated: Nov 1

By Andy Rivera

When trying to get her career going looking to fight, lightweight Stephanie Han has been having a tough go at it, not that she isn’t willing to fight. Han has just had a though time getting opponents to show up and fight.

In the past 3 months, Han has had 4 fights fall thru. Han is the co-main event this Friday in her hometown of El Paso. Han 4-0, 1 ko, will take on veteran Simone Aparecida de Silva, 17-27, who is in town and has shown up.

“I just want to fight.” says Han, the former national champion and Olympic trials invitee. “There has been two times that I fought and didn’t get paid, I just wanted to get fights and sharpen my skills.“

When asked why she felt she had opponents fall out or no show, Han thinks its her family name. Her sister Jennifer and brother Abie Han, a top Jr. Middleweight contender have carried the family name and reputation in boxing.

Fans sometimes get Stephanie mixed up with her sister Jennifer, a former IBF women's featherweight world champion. The two may be sisters, but both are different in the ring.

Jennifer is more tactical, where Stephanie is a puncher, with the help of her trainer Louie Burke, Stephanie is now learning to be patient and set up her power. It was a struggle for her learning new things, not by being stubborn, but for being a perfectionist.

“Louie has been trying to get me to be tactical and not lose touch of my power, I am a perfectionist in anything I do, so when I spar or anything we work on at times I may not do them because I didn’t feel comfortable.“ stated Han “I am more confident now and comfortable to do the things we worked on in the gym and plan to show it Friday.

Han is not taking her opponent lightly despite her record. de Silva a has been with top female fighters in the world, world champion Amanda Serrano to name one. De Silva has fought for the world title twice, losing to Hyun Mi Choi for the WBA super-featherweight crown and dropping a decision to WBF Super lightweight champion Prisca Vicot.

“She may have a losing record, but she has fought against some of the best women’s fighters out there. I wont ever overlook her and know its boxing and anything can happen.“

As mentioned prior, Han just wants to fight and to make sure the public know it isn’t about money, as one rumor was started. Han wants to fight and not have any regrets after being out of the game for 10 years.

Han, stopped fighting to start her career as a police officer in El Paso and to start her famIly, she has said it has been mentally draining working, training and family life, yet she sees the bigger picture.

“I know I can be a world champion and love to fight, I have the skills and knowledge with a good team behind me. I don’t want to look back and have regrets. I just want to fight, it’s not about money now, it’s about getting fights and get to a world title. I know all the sacrifices will show in time.”

Tickets for Ring Wars VI, promoted by King Promotions will be on sale at the door. Doors open 6:00 pm at the El Paso Convention Center.

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