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Leroy Clark 2023 Amatur Fighter of the Year

Leroy Clark has won 2023 Amatuer Men's Fighter of the Year, Yoruba Moreu Jr. was our 2023 runner up.

Leroy Clark- 2023 Amatuer Fighter of the Year

Clark shined in 2023 winning the New mexico Golden Gloves state & regional.

He captured the USA Summer Festival which qualified him for the USA Olympic Trials. Clark took on the challenge to fight in Olympic last chance qualifier in a higher division, placing 2nd place in the Last Chance Qualifier at super heavyweight, he qualified in the heavyweight division.

Clark came up short in the Olympic Trial last week, in Louisiana. He will weigh his options if to turn professional in 2024, but in 2023, he made his mark.

Runner Up- Yoruba Moreu Jr.

Yorubs Moreu Jr had a great 2023, he went to the Last Chance Qualifer , knocking off the #1 seed, although he came up short he was able to to get invite to the 2023 Olympic Trials. Moreu won is first round bout, before losing in his next bout. His acomplishments should be not noticed with defeat.

We look forward to whats next in 2024.

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