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Lindenmuth Gallant in loss to Clavel

Kathrine Lindenmuth gave it a go in her toughest challenge to date, falling to former world champion Kim Clavel in Montreal, Canada tonight .

All three judges scored for Clevel , 99-91, 98-92 and 97-93

Lindenmuth, as expected came out pressuring the taller Clavel, landing combinations, but more points than power. Clavel landed two hard rights in the final minute and another in the final 10 seconds that may have helped win round one.

It was a matchup of Lindenmuth being a fire fly , and Clavel landing the harder shots in rounds 2&3z

Clavel had a big round four landing hard right hands and left hooks to the head of Lindenmuth, who would not stop coming forward , but it was Clavel best round yet.

Round five had Clavel starting to catch Lindenmuth coming in with right hand leads, but Lindenmuth kept pressing forward landing combos in spurts .

It was back and forth in rounds 6&7, Lindenmuth scoring with little power and Clavel catching Lindenmuth coming in, close rounds.

Rounds 8 thru 10 were much of the same , Lindenmuth coming forward landing here flurries , while Clavel would catch Lindenmuth coming in, Clavel was able at times to catch the onrushing Lindenmuth .

Clavel raises her record to 19-2, while Lindenmuth drops to 6-3. Lindenmuth with her scrappy performance should get more fights.

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