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Lindenmuth up for the challenge in Canada

By Andy Rivera

Kathrine Lindenmuth is already in Canada a day away from her biggest challenge, she will be taking on former two time world champion Kim Clavel Thursday. Clavel 18-2 will be Lindenmuth’s toughest test in her career.

The fight will be at higher weight, but Lindenmuth is up for the challenge,

“She fights at a heavier weight she has a different style. She has weathered many 10 round matches and this is my first and we are ready for the test.”

Lindenmuth, who is always ready to go to battle, always in shape, says this camp her and her team are up for the challenge.

“We dialed it up this camp. We trained like it was a title match. I mean we already take camp seriously, but there was a mood in this camp that set it apart.” Stated Lindenmuth.”

Clavel is a huge step up for Lindenmuth 6-2, but0 is treating this as a title fight and expects her opponent to be ready for whatever she brings to the table.

“I know she expects me to come out blazing and knowing me I am gonna fight the way I know but she knows what I come with but she hasn’t fought somebody like me . I know it’s gonna be an explosive fight and I am ready for the opportunity to get my hand raised.”

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