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Mayweather Boxing Fitness coming to Santa Fe

By Andy Rivera

Former NBA world welterweight champion Chris Linson Jr. is bringing Mayweather Boxing Fitness to his hometown of Santa Fe, NM

Linson Jr, who retired with a 21-4-1 record, along with his partner Brad Gallegos, are set to tenitivly open Mayweather Fitness in February/March 2024.

"I just missed boxing and wanted to do this transition back into the boxing." Said Linson Jr.

The gym will be for people to do fitness and get and taste of what boxing is about.

"Brad and I want to have a place where people can come workout, do a good boxing workout. There will be no ring and no sparring, it's to workout boxing wise."

It has been a long process to get involved with the former pound for pound Floyd Mayweathers business, but for Linson and Gallegos it has been worth it.

" I have had to go to training seminars and learn the business model. The Mayweather group likes that I have that boxing background. It has helped with getting this venture started."

Said Linson.

if anyone is interested in joining Mayweather Fitness can click on the Bar code below.

We will have more information on grand opening and memberships as we get closer to opening

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