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Noche de Campeones weight in’s

By Kat Lindenmuth

Today at Bubba’s, the weight in for tomorrows Noche de Campeones fight card were held. Nine fights are on slate , tickets can be purchased at the door.

Main Event IBA World flyweight title

Abraham Perez 111.8

Luis Villa Padilla 112

NM Lightweight title

Angel Perez 133.8 Rafael Reyes 133.8

Cristian Cabral 158.2 Morris Rodriquez 159.6

Clinton Chavez 164

Caesar Alvarado 164

Brandon Heredia 224 Jonathan Abeyta 243

Dante Smith 139 Josh Rodriquez 139

Leonid Grachev 227.4 Juan Puente 229.8

Saul Gomez 118 Alejandro Moreno 118

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