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Perez brothers, same path, different goals

But Andy Rivera

The Perez brothers, Aaron and younger brother Abraham will step into the ring Saturday night. Abraham will fight in the main event when he takes on Fernando Diaz for the WBC Flyweight youth title. Aaron will take on Jose Antonio Meza in his 2nd return bout after taking time off following his lone defeat in 2021.

Both brothers have taken virtually the same path to where they are in the professional ranks, fighting on the same cards under their family banner Legacy Promotions. Abraham has excelled to being one of the top flyweight prospects in the world, along the way capturing the IBA World Flyweight crown in his quest to reaching the top of the flyweight mountain and capturing one of the major belts soon.

Aaron was very candid when we spoke recently about his goals and upcoming fight. We had talked earlier after his training session, then a few hours later I got a phone call from him. He told me he finally has it into words how he wanted to explain his boxing goals.

“I love boxing, I also enjoy the things in life away from boxing. I like to go on weekend trips with just my fiancé and I. We like to get away from the city and just enjoy doing things.” Said Aaron “I have a wedding we are planing for June this year, so that’s another thing we are getting ready for.”

Older Aaron wants it known he does take training and boxing serious when its time to get in the ring, but his approach is different from brother Abraham.

“My goal is to be the best in the ring when Im in there, I don’t really set any long term goals like Abraham. Everyone says they want to be a world champion, would it be nice? Yes, but I just want to be the best I can and if it takes me places great, if not as long I can inspire someone.”

Aaron 11-1-1, will fight one more fight to get the rust dusted after a few years off. He feels he is almost there and with this fight with Meza 8-9, he will be ready to step it up.

“Im almost there getting the rest off and I feel great. After this fight and the wedding we will see what’s next, one fight at a time.”

Undefeated Abraham 9-0, will take on his toughest opponent to date in Meza. Abraham’s goal is to be a world champion. He sees this fight as a way to get there and hopefully a major promoter will take notice.

“Meza is a really good fighter and he throws a volume of punches. He comes right at you, I know I will need to be at my best.” Stated Abraham.

Abraham is on the verge of getting on a major promoters card soon to showcase his skills, until then he will keep doing what he has been doing, winning.

“We are close to getting on a big show and hopefully on TV soon, I just have to keep winning until then. I know not many here in the USA don’t catch on to the flyweights much, we are an exciting division.”

If Perez gets by Diaz, there is a possibility for a major promoter to have him on their card in the summer and from there it may open doors to reaching his goal of fighting for a world title.

“We both need and love each other very much, Abraham has a goal in his mind and will reach it. We are different in our approach and what we want to accomplish, but we do need each other to reach where we both want to be.” Says Aaron.

Doors open at 5:30, first bell is at 7:00pm. Tickets are on sale by calling 505-362-5126 and at the doors.

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