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Perez wins WBC Silver Youth title

Updated: Mar 25

By Andy Rivera

Photos by Tom Hernandez

Abraham Perez captured a unanimous decision over Fernando Diaz to capture the WBC flyweight youth title late Saturday night in Albuquerque, NM.Perez used his superior speed and slick approach to keep the pressuring Diaz at bay when Diaz would get close trying to slow Perez down with left hooks to the body, this was Diaz game plan from the get go and it wasn’t a secret.

“I knew I had to use my speed and boxing ability to keep him off his game. He throws a lot of punches and I knew my best weapons were my speed and movement.” Perez said, It took me a few rounds to get going and once I got settled I was able to stick to my game plan.”

Perez older brother Aaron lost in the co-main event and it seemed to take its toll on the younger Perez when asked.

“It did have an effect on me emotionally when my brother came into the locker room and I gave him a hug, but knowing he had just lost I wasn’t focused and I have to be honest it did have and effect early.”

Once settled it was Perez who controlled the action peppering Diaz with his jab and quic right hands. Diaz was able to land a few hard lefts to the right side of Perez, which Perez acknowledged after.

“Oh yeah did he land one that I ha to pretend it didn’t hurt, but yes he landed a good shot that I had to show I wasn’t hurt.”The fight was a great test for Perez, as he has stepped it up each fight out. Scores were 100-90, 99-91 and 98-92, all for Perez. Perez is now 10-0, while Diaz falls to 12-5-1.

Co main event. Jose Antonio Meza upset Aaron Perez with a split decision. The lanky Meza used his jab ans a knockdown in round 4th to seal the victory.

Perez was able to get close in each round, but wasn't able to land more than 2-3 punches at times.

Both fighters were warriors, it was Meza who tuck to his game plan in defeating Perez.

Scores were 78-73, Meza on two cards, the third has it 76-75. Meza is now 9-9, while Perez is now 11-2-1.

Kathrine Lindenmuth defeated Maryguenn Vellinga with a unanimous decision. Lindenmuth scored at will when she got close landing her body shots then to the head.

There was knock down in the 5th round, more from Willinga fatigue from Lindenmuth's body punches. Lindenmuth is now 6-2, while Vellinga falls to 4-5.

Daniel Gonzalez dominated Gilbert Meza with a unanimous decision 40-35, with a point being taken from Meza for holding .

Gonzalez looked great with his head movement, a big improvement from his previous fights.

Gonzalez is now 5-1, while Meza falls to 1-2.

Andres Rey defeated Maximus Moya with a hard fought unanimous decision in a rematch that Rey had won last fall. The fight lived up to its billing as the two went at it from round one.

Moya looked good in the first with his boxing and movement, but it was Rey who made the adjustment and turned fight into a brawl which favored him the rest of the fight.

Rey is now 3-0, while Moya drops to 3-2.

Precilliano Ruelas looked like a seasoned veteran with left hooks to the body followed by rights to the head in defeating the game Gerardo Vasquez. Scores were 40-36, Ruelas is 2-0, while Vasquez drops in his pro debut .

Elija Martinez remained unbeaten with a shutout over Elija Sweat . Scores weee 40-36.

Martinez jab and body shots were the key to victory.

Martinez is now 3-0, while sweat drops to 2-2.

Ryan Lechuga stopped veteran Michael Sanchez in the 2nd round .

Lechuga dropped Sanchez 3 times in route to his pro debut win.

Sanchez was game drops to 3-12.

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