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Rey and Moya ready for rematch

By Andy Rivera

In August of 2023, Maximus Moya was considered by many to be the favorite over crosstown rival Andres Rey. Rey surprised everyone but himself by taking a clear cut unanimous four round decision over Moya.

“ I read the article where he said he was the better fighter and that his experience would be the difference.” Stated Rey “ I knew he wasn’t and it showed that night when I beat him.”

The two fought at the 135 pound limit the last time, this time around they will fight at 130. It was the Moya camp that has wanted the fight at 130 and not 135. Rey thinks the Moya camp thinks they will have the advantage, but he doesn’t see it that way.

“I fought at 132 my whole amateur career, they think it will help them and they are trying to pull something on me, but I think they want any edge they can get it beat me. It won’t make a difference.”

Moya told that he didn’t feel himself the first time around and things will be different in the rematch.

“I just didn’t feel myself, I was thrown off by having the fight set back east and then it fell through and this fight came about. I just had an off night and I know this time around it will be different.” Said Moya.

Both Moya 3-1 and Rey 2-0, feel there will no excuses and both are confident in victory.

“We only spared one time ever and if he feels that’s why he thinks he is the more experienced fighter than so be it, but if you go off sparring one time that’s not a good gauge to measure that he was a better, more experienced fighter.” Said Rey

Moya says he will be a different fighter this time around and 100% it will be different.

“I am focused and 100% ready to win the rematch, I wasn’t myself like I mentioned, but this time around it will be a different story.”

Rey on the other hand, says he will be victorious again.

“It Doesn’t matter what weight we fight, they can try and think they will pull something and think I’ll get drained by dropping 5 more pounds,it won’t change a thing and same result will happen.” Stated Rey

This is one fight you all don’t wanna miss. The fight will be part of next weeks March 23rd fight card featuring Abraham Perez vs Fernando Diaz for the WBC Youth Flyweight title.

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