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Sanchez stuns Tudor in Las Vegas

By Andy Rivera

Jose Luis “Guero“ Sanchez defeated John Tudor in Las Vegas, NV. Sanchez was coming up in weight to take on the newly signed Golden Boy Prospect Tudor, but Sanchez ruined the party with the upset win. Sanchez won by scores of 77-75 on two judges score cards, while the third had it 78-74. Boxingnewmexico scored it 78-75 for Sanchez.

Round one was a good round for both, Tudor was able to land right hands to the body, with Guero not holding back landing right hands to the head of the much taller Tudor

Tudor had the edge with being a little bit more busy and Sanchez trying to get closer to the much taller Tudor.

The second and third rounds Tudor continued to try to keep Sanchez from coming forward. A cut was open with a Tudor right hand, but nothing to cause concern. Sanchez was able to land a hard jab that caused a welt on the right eye of Tudor.

In the between the third and forth Tudor started to complain to his corner that he couldn't see out of his right eye. There was visible swelling showing. Sanchez was able to land his hard jab and left hooks. Sanchez seemed to even the fight to this point .

Sanchez dominated round five, as the momentum changed. Sanchez landed right hand leads and kept coming forward, trapping Tudor on the ropes in winning the round .

Again Sancherz kept the pressure on Tudor and was beating Tudor to the punch. Tudor seemed to lack confidence at this time, knowing he can't hurt Sanchez.

In between rounds the ring dr asked Tudor if he could see and if he wanted to continue. He said yes.

Tudor came to life in the seventh , landing jabs and trying to keep away from the aggressive Sanchez , but Sanchez fired back and put Tudor on the ropes, landing right hands and body shots and had the edge with his aggressiveness.

With the fight still up in the air , Sanchez put now count in the judeges eyes, as he contiuned us assault on Tudor with pressure and lead right hands to the head of Tudor. Sanchez was the bull and Tudor the maTudor had not answer.

Sanchez, 14-3-1, looks now to drop down to his natural weight of 147, part of Sanchez three fight deal with Golden Boy, was that he fight Tudor at 154. Tudor drops to 9-1.

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