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Tyler Mitchell wins at Sparta Event, looks to turn pro in 2024

By Andy Rivera

Albuquerque Amatuer standout Tyler Mitchell captured the 122lb Sparta pro/am title eliminator Saturday night in Denver, Colorado. Mitchell, who sports a 28-2 record in the amatuers defeated Gabe Castillo by tko. Mitchell plans to fight a few more times this year in the amatuers, then turn pro.

Mitchell, who has fought on the Pro/Am circuit since early in 2023, plans to turn professional later this year, he was suspended by USA boxing in 2023 due to fighting in a non sanctioned USA event.

“I got a letter from USA boxing that I would be suspended and could not fight in any USA Sactioned event for a year due to me fighting in an event in Colorado.”

USA boxing has caused a lot of controvesary in recent memory with all their changes in rules. has not agreed with some of these changes.

Albuquerque’s Abrahm Perez won the Olympic trials in 2020, yet was not allowed to compete due to how they selected fighters to represent the USA team at the Paris Olympic, recently they have announced that transgendered fighters can competed.

Mitchell fights in the Pro/Am circuit and feels this helps him prepare for the professional ranks and has been fighting with no head gear.

“Fighting with no headgear was a little adjustment and I actually enjoy fighting with no headgear. Its been a good thing in my preparation.”

When Mitchell got word that he was suspended, he along with his trainer Arlene Sanchez made a decision to stick to the Pro/Am and prepare for the pros.

“I am ready to turn pro soon, hopefully at the end of the year.’ says Mitchell “I told Abraham Perez that I hope I can fight on his card, that be a dream come true.”

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