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Women’s Fighter of the Year- Stephanie Han

Stephanie Han is women's fighter of the year. She received 60% of media vote and 68% fan vote.

Fighter of the Year - Stephanie Han

Han was 3-0 in 2023, she had 3 fights fall thru during a 3 month span. Han even fought for free in order to get on a fight card earlier in the year, that's something rare in a world of handpicking opponents to pad their record.

"I just needed to fight, so I just said I'll fight for free if that's what it takes." Said Han in a recent interview.

The 135lb Han, hopes to be busier in 2024, fighting as often to get to her goal. World champion

Congratulations to Stephanie

Co-Runner up- Amy Salinas

Salinas is a warrior, taking anyone in the world. She went 2-2, in 2023, but took on some kid of the toughest competition out there.

Hoping to have a better 2024, Salinas had a lot of support and respect from all the voting panel.

Co- Runner up - Kat Lindenmuth

Kat went 3-1 in 2023, she went on the road hoping to avenge her lone loss to Yadira Bustillos, again coming up short dropping a decision to Bustillos.

She has shown she will fight anyone , anywhere in her quest to reach her goal of being a champ.

If she continues on her path she may get there.

Honorable mention

Sharyha Moreu, 1-0 in 2023

Jordanne Garcia, 0-2-1 in 2023

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